Saturday, October 22, 2011

Small Shopping Trip

Yesterday I spent the day shopping with my girlfriend at Ikea.  We went right after the kids went to school, 9:15 am SHARP!  Ikea is about a 45 minute drive, but we had sooo much fun chatting, the entire way!  Isn't it the neatest thing when you haven't spent time with a girlfriend for months and months and then you finally make a point to get together?  We had a blast!

And I found numerous things to reinvent for Christmas presents!  Look at my load.  I had three things on my list. 

Look at this haul!

I am going to stencil the outdoor rugs for two of my girlfriends.  They will be great for the fall and spring season for scraping shoes off after taking some wet walks!  The lazysusans were a great find.  I am going to use the most awesomist paint in the world on them.  Annie Sloan!  I am sure those will be awesome Christmas presents.  And, I am not sure you can see the 7 umbrellas I bought for $2.99 each, but I got one each for my bff's girls (the Hicks Chicks).  I am going tie a little jewelry bag to each one with a piece of jewelry, perhaps a necklace or bracelet. 

Anyway, we managed to make it home in time to grab the kids, 4:10 pm!!!  (That is some serious shopping.)  I am still unloading my car with my wonderful finds and enjoying my memories of my day with Heather. 

Looks like I best get busy if I am going to have a preview for you tomorrow!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! 

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