Thursday, October 20, 2011

I have done it again

Why oh why can I not say no??  BECAUSE, I have Hiiiiiiighhhhh hopes, I have hiiiiiiighhhhh hopes ....
(la ala llla ala lalalalalaala) Hiiiiiiigh hopes.

I got a call today from one of Addie's friends Moms that I saw at the Apple Butter Festival.  She would like for me to join the group at the elementary school that is hosting a craft fair.  She thinks my stuff is cool and neat and funky and vintage and would do great.  I said no a couple of times.  She assured me I would do great.  It's only one day.  People loved my stuff at the ABF.  People will be ready to Christmas shop on 5 November 2011. 





I hope so, because by the end of the conversation I was saying, I guess so.  Okay.  Sure.  Sure.

It is a lot to tote down there.  And Vandy wasn't excited about it AGAIN. 

As I said ....

I've got HIGH hopes. 

Hope with me people!!!!! 


  1. You've gotta have faith in yourself, but your heart's gotta be in it too! Show us your stuff!~Ames

  2. High, apple pie in the sky hopes?

    Why not?

    You're cool.

    You're stuff is cool!

    And people will spend money again. Someday.

    November 5 seems like a good day to start!

  3. Why not? Maybe you'll surprise yourself and sell up a storm. Hey, it's cute stuff, right?