Monday, May 16, 2011

Making in my mind ....

i have been on a blog hiatus this past week .... Addie, physical therapy, you name it ..... but in my mind i have been making lots of things ....

4 tie hairbands
3 summer baby blankets
2 nursery night lights
1 fabulous pennant gift set

.... and during that time i have been mia .... vandy and i squeezed in a matinee to see 'fast five' .... anyone know paul walker?  i need him to come to my birthday party next month .... he is sooooooo easy on a girls eyes .... so so easy ....
.... so this is all i want, a couple beers, some food, some of paul's awesome travel stories and some pictures for proof that he was indeed here, in enon, ohio for my birthday party! 

ohhhhh, the things i can make in my mind!!!