Thursday, June 24, 2010

Louisiana there I was

I celebrated ANOTHER birthday on 17 June.  It was uneventful, although I tell people that my husband flew me into New Orleans for dinner, which he did, we ate at Popeye's.  lol 

See his Daddy isn't doing well, or so we thought, but at 82 ... WOW, I hope I am not doing as well at 82, because he is doing fantastic!  So then we went and saw my Mom's side of the family and it was just as great!  We spent one night with my Aunt Betty Jo and Uncle John which was very nice and then the rest of the time with Uncle Tom and Aunt Rachel which was great!!  My cousin Michael and his wife Michelle had us over for a swim and to cool off the pool they put HUGE ice blocks in it!  lol  I laughed and laughed!!!

I also did a cooking class for my Aunts and female cousins and it was soooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!  Man did we laugh a lot!

So, getting back to my birthday.  I got some really cool presents, homemade and store bought, but you know the best ones are thought out and tender to my heart.  My cousin Jenny, a home made plaque of sorts that I can't wait to hang in my cottage, another raft for my pool and just wishes on facebook.  It was a nice quiet birthday.   I may even post some pictures later this week. 

So anyway, it was a great weekend.  And thank you all for my wishes!