Sunday, October 23, 2011

Football Sunday

I have a confession.  It's Sunday, a confession surely is acceptable.

I want to craft. 

I want to show you these two cool projects I am in the midst of doing,


my head is in another game. 


Yes, football.

I can explain.  Well, this picture really explains it better.

Clay Matthews.

And I think this one helps you to see just what an asset Clay is to the Packers.

Imagine that!

A picture of him just warming up and listening to my pep talk I sent him on his IPhone.

Sweet, right?

AJ Hawk .. from OHIO, played for The Ohio State University
and is Clay's teammate on the GBP team!

So, you can see where my head will be for the next hour and a half.  They need my support.  And secretly I hope he catches this blog and notices this cute daughter I have blogged about, then tells AJ, "Let's head to Ohio for a couple days so I can call Addie up to see if she'd like to go to dinner and a movie with me."  AJ went to high school right down the road.  Clay's Dad played for the Cleveland Browns for years.  I am not too far off base here.  AND, I mean come on, look how stinking cute my kid is!!!  He'd be lucky to have a date with her, right???  RIGHT??

And she has great hair too!

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  1. Oh. Exhale. I was thinking you were trying to tell me something about Vandy!