Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blogger Blues, But Not Really

I always come here.

For advice.

And help.

And relief.

Now, I have a new dilemma. 

Remember these guys?

Maya and Pete
The young lady that I gave them to, the young lady and her mom that HAD to take them the day they came to look at them.  The day I was not prepared to say goodbye and let them go home with the new parents anyway, they have had second thoughts.  "They are too much work."  "Her room smells."  All things I tried to explain when they came to "look" at Pete and Maya.  "She feels terrible about it."  I bet she doesn't feel nearly as bad as I did for a MONTH.  Okay, she might.  She is only sixteen.  Pete and Maya liked her.  They didn't/don't like her Mom. 

Okay so, have you see my SECOND studio lately?  Pete and Maya's old room?  NO?   Well that is because there is barely enough room in it for ME!    

What to do, what to do. 

You know what I am going to do right? 

Boohooo about it, hence the blogger blues. 


  1. Oh man. You gotta find someone olfactorily challenged! ha!