Monday, October 31, 2011

Got a Ham in the Family?

I am married to a ham.  He makes me laugh.  I can say look at me and he smiles.  Back before we both had lasik eye surgery, he would pause and rip his glasses off.  Then announce he was ready.  He is, if anything, photogenic and a great subject for me.  He is always "setting up" the perfect picture.  It usually is very helpful when I am out on a professional shoot.  It is the times I just want to point and shoot and go, that drive me a bit batty.

Our back porch view on vacation and Biltmore vino.

He loves to document his travels.  He is either at the top of a mountain or in a canyon, and even sometimes in the water.  He doesn't need me for these pictures.  He has his little tripod.  He also now has an IPhone, so he doesn't really need to borrow "my" camera or take his tripod.  And the benefit with his IPhone, he can facebook his shot pretty darn quick.  And does.  Sometimes before I even know he made it to the top of the mountain.   It makes me giggle a bit.  He is a lot like the kids taking pictures of himself, the difference being those silly faces all the girls are making now.  You know the kind, UGH!
Top of the world honey!

This next shot is when we stopped in a pub in Hendersonville.  I took the picture of his beer mustache.  This particular shot is like the fifth shot before he "liked" it.  FIFTH.  Yup.  (This is when I get a little batty)  He looked at every shot until it was one he approved of.  Can you say "Ham"?  He also repositions his ballcap so that it doesn't cast unflattering shadows.  I took a couple shots knowing his cap was on crooked.  Because I could.  And I deleted them.  Because I should.

Take one.

Take two.  Got beer?
He makes me laugh.  See how stinking cute he is in front of the camera.  You start pulling the camera out of the case and he goes into full pose mode. 

The water and mountains and reflection and my love!
I am sure the serious look on his face is him thinking do I have this all
cropped right, or do I need to adjust.

 Now the next shot below was the third shot, maybe fourth and he still wasn't happy that he had to squint a bit.  See how he "knocks" his ball cap up?  No shadows on the face or eyes.  Pumpkins, mountain, hay and a great subject!

Falls finest.
 Ham and all!  Batty and all.  I adore this man!!!!


  1. And that's the way it should be!


  2. Awwww...I'm glad you have each other!

  3. there's nothing more wonderful than knowing you're with the love of your life. my wish is that everyone gets to experience that in their life-time. thanks for sharing!! great pics as always.