Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Can you say "Stinking Cute"?

I am on a Kroger's craze.  I am hitting every one I see from here to there.  Why you ask?  You are so not going to believe it. 


Kleenex to be exact.

Yup, Kleenex and not because we all are with colds, but because they have come out with the most adorable, stinking cute box in the world!  STINKING CUTE I tell you.  And, I have figured out if they adjust a few colors and add Santa Claus hats, I'll have them out for the holidays too!  I am storing them for spring.  The sad thing is, I only find a box here and a box there and several times have come up EMPTY.  I think someone is on to the same idea.

Stinking cute, right?

Loving it!

She is just darling!!

The seam doesn't even bother me!

Can you say "Stinking cute"?  I am still on the look out, two boxes is not nearly enough for the stock pile I am planning on creating in the hall closet!

P.S.  I have not been compensated in any way, shape or form for the endorsement of this Kleenex product.  teeheee 


  1. Have to say that those boxes are adorable! I haven't noticed them in stores probably due to the fact that mom has stockpiled enough kleenex that we are a couple years out from possibly (ever) needing more. A quick poke around and I found the designer, Cori Dantini. It's pretty cool story how she was asked to design the k boxes: P.S. - sorry for the anonymous comment (wordiness should have given me away, LOL!) Val (who is feeling too lazy tonight to lookup my login;P)

  2. I haven't seen these around, but I LOVE them.


  3. I'll keep my eyes peeled for some for you! I haven't seen them either! But they are stinking cute! Hey! Who, who, who said that?