Saturday, September 19, 2009

Power Shopping with My Friends

Truly, I didn't hurt so much, I would take some great pictures of my great finds from two days of wonderful weathered shopping. I mean, it was great shopping with Jami on Friday at the Springfield Extravaganza. She got everything on her list with the exception of a kitchen table and chairs. I got most of what was on my list with the exception of this beautiful bar .. I mean I LOVED it. But no way would it fit in this house and who has a husband that would build his wonderful wife a house around a bar? Mine is great, but would not understand such a silly want. lol

And then today I went shopping at "Country Living" in Columbus. Okay, okay, it was fun. I now officially have two new favorite stores. I promise I will post pictures tomorrow if my finds. I promise!!!!

And of course I am getting ready for my trip to Arizona!!! WOOHOOOOOOo I can hardly wait to teach and play and sightsee and sleep in and eat and play!

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  1. Oh, you lucky duck. I wanted to go to the Country Living fair in Columbus. So what are your two new favorite stores? I'm exciting about you comin'. Gonna see if I can get into my naturopath this week so she can help my aches and paines and menopause re-entry. Getting off these bio-id hormones has turned out to be much tougher then I thought. There's just no way I'm gonna be able to keep up with you. We can only go to stores with chairs!