Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Manic Monday

Good Lord, it's not even 5am .... Vandy leaves for Boston today. I am hoping for fresh lobster upon his return. lol Addie still has a sore throat, I am pushing for those tonsils to come out when she returns from Europe. Dad is sleeping more and more, which I find very frustrating. And i am AWAKE at FOUR THIRTY in the morning ... I don't have cows to milk or chickens to feed! I am laughing really, I know I am from another era!
On a lighter note, this is, oh I forget the name of the band, but the precious girls in this photo I took are two of my best friends daughters, Izzi and Livie! The are a little bluegrassy, folky, country, not because they love the that type of music, it's just what their instructor likes. lol Anyway, off to prepare for the day. The girls Granny Franny passed away last week, I think she was like 90, so I am going to diddle around until the household is up and get ready to help out today!

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  1. Don't understand the Granny Fanny thing but I hope you have a good day and can catch a nap. Sorry about your Dad. Wake him up!