Friday, May 22, 2009

Fantastic Friday

Good morning --- all the impatiens are planted, as pathetic looking as they are in the sun -- poor shade lovers. I guess that's what happens when your husband cuts down the tress. lol
I mow this morning, gonna be a great day. One of my friends is coming over and going to help me try and relax. We'll see how that goes.
Did I mention we lost our cordless phone for 2 days? However it is found, along side the road two doors down. Did I also mention my nephew spent the afternoon detailing my car, the one that drove down the road yesterday? The one that Addie heard a thump in yesterday afternoon. This morning you she needed a ride and I said Addie, what's that int he road (in front of the two door down house along side the road). I stopped and she picked it up. " Mom, it looks like our phone." It is and it still is ticking! lol
Hospice will start in the next couple weeks, so I may be here less frequently, don't worry, they aren't coming for me. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, I'll be back!

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