Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Weatherman says more rain

The Weatherman says more rain, more and more until Saturday. I need to rent a bush hog to cut the fields in the front 49 and the back 49. I love my green green grass, but I hate that I have to mow two days back to back to get my perfect lines back. Oh well, what's a girl to do? Oh I know, not only hire a cabana boy that can deliver awesome fruity drinks, but one that cleans the pool and mows the grass. Hmmm very interesting thought there. lol Anyone know any cutie patootees looking for such employment?
Alas, I did manage a bit of weeding before the rain last night and I was noticing all those lovely butterfly bushes popping up as well as the hibiscus. I just love the butterfly bushes and bee balm and the dainty hummingbirds that come to visit my garden. I have fuchsia bee balm, but I am thinking I need some red ... it's such a fussy plant when you transplant though. I might have to hit the garden store this weekend even though I promised myself I wasn't buying any new plants, just a few annuals. Oh, who am I kidding? I am garden store addict!

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  1. That's why your gardens are so pretty - lots and lots of rain! Do you swim in the rain? I always used to love that when we lived in Ohio. Kind of total water immersion. Dry hugs from Arizona.