Monday, April 27, 2009

We've come a little ways ...

So, after moving all the crushed limestone, sand and stones, we think we are a few stones short! But here is the progress so far ... the "grilling"
patio, or man outdoor cave was suppose to be 12 by 12, which started out 10 by 10, but now has grown to a 12 by 15 .. which is really exciting ... the part under the four wood posts is going to be a bench. And all around the deck is there will be a railing .... it's going to be super cool. We are also going to have something "climbing", it's between a trumpet vine, bittersweet, jasmine or wisteria.
Oh and the third picture is what is left of Vandy's clothing before hitting the swimming pool .. it was 86 yesterday and he was so sweaty. Thank GOD for chemicals! lol He did finally take a break, we had friends over for a bbq and an all afternoon swim date! Vandy really needed the break. We'll get back on the patio next weekend, rain is coming! Oh and I wanted to add that my cousin Jenny asked how our pool is already 86, well it was 89 ... we turn off the heat in the house so we can have heat in the pool .. and it works the same in the fall .. I want to be warm in the house, I have to give up the heated pool. lol

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  1. Are you saying your a few stones short a full patio....hee hee hee! OK, I need to get out more. OK, that explains the pool temperature cuz isn't it only like 40 degrees there part of the time right now? So how come you don't have any clothing on the patio? Oh, I were just working outside in the buff to work on your backside tan! It looks great Allie! You have some great design skills.