Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The day after the day after

Isn't it funny how you get home from a vacation and you seem to need more sleep than you originally left thinking you needed? I mean, I slept until six thirty most days, so what gives? Oh, well, it might be that I was awake until midnight. Most days I just hung out at the pool or the beach with a few cocktails, how can that be tiring?

Anyway, I did no work on the pictures yesterday besides posting them, but I am going today. I can feel it. Of course, as long as worry about Addie's speeding ticket court date doesn't get the best of me. Grrrrrrr kids!!!

Can you believe this lovely daughter of mine can drive 82 in a 65? How do you teach them to slow down? Well, it is not by watching her Daddy drive! Anyway, court at three today. Say a little prayer for her as if she loses her license, she'll need it because I will be her taxi for six months!

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  1. She is lovely and it is a shame her foot is so big and lead-like (yuk yuk) Well, you could make her ride her bike everywhere and walk (you know, two miles uphill both ways in the snow) like we did when we were kids. How did your Dad do without you there? I was wondering about that.