Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday --- gotta love a night of distractions

Oh how I love Thursday nights! Survivor, Grey's Anatomy season finale, just lots of visual stimulation via my TV! Vandy is still TDY, so I will miss him being beside me, but Addie is filling in quite well. Although, we are off to the doctor for her this afternoon, my strep throat baby! So, I am wearing a mask around the house! lol
Anyway, today is a better day. It might have to do with me sleeping until 11 o'clock, but I must have needed it. Dad had a rough day yesterday as well. I think it must be our brains in overload. He did tell me if I continue to sleep that late he was going to get a new babysitter. He was watching Las Vegas at the time, and then said, like one of them. I laughed out loud! He smirked!
So off to shower and piddle around, it feels like a piddling day. I might rip and roar on some fabric! That sounds fun to me!!! Have a blessed day everyone!

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  1. Rip Roar Away! Glad you have something to look forward to.