Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where art thou?

What a crazy past two weeks -- first I have my beautiful daughter hospitalized for KISSING TONSILS. Addie was seen in Virginia, sent us packing with antibiotics and steroids and then when we got back to Ohio she was seen at Pediatrics on Friday. Yep, she has HUGE tonsils, but it will have to run it's course. Saturday morning we went into the ER because she was having difficulty breathing, was way past staying hydrated and trying to eat. Well they kept Addie for three days and now after a week, she's finally feeling better. She's see the ENT specialist on the 21st and we will schedule to have her tonsils taken out during Christmas break -- her 18th birthday week! AGHHHHHH

And then, there was a scrapbook convention that we had been planning on attending (CHA) since last August, so assured that she could make it .... we went to Orlando and had a wonderful time seeing all the new things ...... this is our last day, but I'll post more pictures and stories after this thunderstorm rolls on by!! I have missed you all!!!!!

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  1. Sigh....(of relief) I'm glad everything is OK. I was worried about you. Poor little thing. Tonsils for a birthday present. Mean, mean parents!