Tuesday, September 29, 2009

only a day away

It's day five in Arizona and I am just not ready to leave. I need an extra day or two. I do wish Addie was with us, but school is keeping her home this trip. I watched the sun rise this morning, and the colors simply put are like no colors I have ever seen in a sunrise.

The picture is not the sunrise I saw, that picture is the sad excuse of the picture I wanted to take on the way up to Cottonwood the other day when Vandy was doing 88 up a giant curvy hill, but wouldn't stop, so I had to take a picture on the way DOWN from Cottonwood when he did stop. I do love my husband, but he doesn't stop until he is ready to or I say, I am going to pee in my pants if you don't stop. I didn't have to pee on the way up the hill to Cottonwood, I had to throw up and couldn't tell him because I was scared to death, Go speedracer go!!!

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