Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time for me to fly.

Age. Old age. I swear I am not old, but I am feeling it, mentally I mean.
I can't stay focused today. I can't stay focused most days. Scattered thoughts, you know, like when the dandelions bloom kind of scatteredness. And you know I chase everyone of those pesty little seeds down so they don't set root in my yard. So, got the picture? All those potential little seeds flying all over the yard, but it's thoughts in my head. Scary, I know. Try living with me.
So today, the list. I am buying the website. I have decided on a printing company. The name of the business is Picture This! And of course in the past three days I have seen a million companies named that and of course I want to change it ..... it was like when all my friends were having babies, I wanted to name them. Heck, if I could just name babies for a living I would. Are you following me? If you are, thank you thank you thank you. If you aren't, I suspect I will be seeing the little white padded wagon pulling up out front with my new white jacket, the straight one.
Also today, I am working on scrapbook layouts, to keep me focused. I need focus. I have too many addictions, I have accomplished the first step ... step one, admit you have a problem. Anyway, hold on with me .... this new venture is going to succeed and I plan on flying with it!

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  1. Change is good Allie but it can make you crazy in the process. Don't overthink everything. You know how to be successful. And pare back a bit. Just a bit. Give yourself a little extra time and space. You've been through a lot and there has to be a little healing time, too!