Monday, August 10, 2009

A Day In the Heat of it All

Well, we have done it, almost. After about two years of asking, my girlfriend Pam has finally convinced me to so something with my photography! "Picture This!" is almost up and running! We are going to focus primarily on seniors. Now with that being said, Pam wants to do sports pictures and I want to do families, so we both have another avenue to play in as we develop our talents and the new computer world of all the amazing things you can now do on a computer!
So you ask why this little blurb is called A Day in the Heat of it All .... we took her daughter Shelby and Addie out for a trial run on the hottest day this year about an hour away from here. We ALL were melting, but it was worth it, out of 600 or so shots, we got 7 we loved. LAUGHING, okay, okay, that's not the real numbers, but man, working with your own girls proved to be a bit challenging.

AND if that isn't enough, I got a new computer to work from along with a new program I HAD to have for photo editing, what was I thinking?????????? Well, give me a couple weeks and perhaps I will be able to handle all this grown up pressure.

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  1. Wow, great picture. I want to see the other six "good ones" although I suspect the remaining 693 were fabulous, too. Glad to see you found something else wonderful to do!