Friday, June 5, 2009

Cold cold Maryland ...

Hi all! Addie made it to Germany -- long long day for both of us on Wednesday, but her Dad arrived and grabbed her and then they were on the plane by 11pm. We had enough time to have dinner with Christy and buy a few more "needs" before the transfer. She's traveling now, castle visiting today. I am telling you, I am already missing her texting!
On a lighter note, I am visiting with my friend Michelle and her family in Maryland. It has rained since I got here. We went to Jessica's (Michelle's oldest) graduation yesterday (yes, in the cold rain) and today we get to do a little shopping (yes, in the cold rain)! I'll share my finds with you tomorrow, as I am hoping to make it back through the mountains to get home to Vandy by Saturday afternoon. Not in the cold rain. The only problem I see is, there were A LOT of antique shops along the road. Perhaps, I will be too focused to see them. lol ALTHOUGH, the element will be fairly empty ....hmmmmmmmmmm

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  1. Oh stop, stop, stop. I suspect a treasure is just waiting for you to find it!