Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Traveling traveling

Wow, I have been home almost a week and still haven't recovered from the time change and I stayed on OHIO time. Grrrrrr Well, I booked my Baltimore trip this evening. A dear friend is getting married and off I go at the end of the month. It's Halloween weekend, Vandy is going to stay home with Addie -- big doings for the senior child. I hope they get lots of cool pictures while I am gone!!

So, I have I told you about the traveling adventures coming up? Look at this ...

September was Arizona
October - Maryland, wedding
November - Georgia, Thanksgiving
December - Louisiana, Wedding
January - Arizona again I hope, party
February - Michigan for snowboarding and skiiing
March-April - Florida, spring break
May - OHIO -- Addie graduates from HIGH SCHOOL!!!!
June - South Carolina
July - Marathon in the Keys

New luggage is in order! So how is that schedule for traveling this year?? lol You want to be me, don't you! I knew it!

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