Friday, February 6, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

I went, I will no longer be drug free. No hormone replacement for me, I will try and live through the HOT flashes, but a little pill (not sure what color yet) will take care of the UNCONTROLLABLE mood swings. The scary thing is, my new doc saw me morph into "psycho hormonal woman" during our appointment. A baby was crying in the room next door and with the nicest of smiles I said, "hear that, it's about to make me go CRAZY and go scream at the mother to shut her kid up!" And rationally, I knew that poor little babe was getting shots and in pain and I did truly hurt for it and it's mother, BUT psycho hormonal woman didn't care one bit, she was trying to slip out of my mouth .. the doc saw this horrific morphing occurring on my face and she said, "Umm I can tell, let's get you a pill!!!" The doc freaked me out a bit about hormone replacement side effects, breast cancer and heart disease. I told her I had those covered with the crap food I have indulged in over the years, so let's not add to the list. The most common complaint about the little unidentified colored pill, low libido. I told her Vandy would not be too happy about that and she said, "let's take care of one thing at a time and it may not affect you that way." Let's all say a little prayer for Vandy that it doesn't affect me that way or he'll be going to the doctor as well. So FOUR to SIX weeks, you all should notice a change. lol

I am posting more later, just have to go for a bit to stir my spaghetti sauce and work on my crop room. I have neglected it for a couple weeks. I do hope you enjoyed my video yesterday. It was a bit challenging!

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  1. Hi Allie, I sure hope you start feeling better. Hormonal stuff is ick city for sure.