Thursday, March 5, 2009

I adore my niece ...

Brittney Rene' Potts ... my first niece ... we spent so much time together when she was little. I have so many fond memories of the two of us as she was growing up. I think reading was one of our favorite things to do, well I read and she listened and not too long into that, she was off reading by herself. And even now, we share a special love for books. She, of course, has passed me up in the reading department .....

She was also such a performer .. singing, singing all the time ... and Ariel was her favorite character to mimic. She enjoyed the outdoors and exploring too, but I am not sure she still does .. it may have been just me dragging her along on all my photography shoots and camping adventures.

I know now as a mom, things my mom must have been "worried" about and now I share those worry beads with her. Brittney is now 23 ... remember being 23, hence the worrying. So I am probably not as much fun as I once was .... but Brittney is a blessing in my life and I adore her. And when she has a daughter of her own, I'll smile that all knowing smile and place those worry beads in her hand.

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