Friday, February 4, 2011

just rambling .....

I think I am a pretty happy upbeat person! I can prove it ... here I am ....

2009 - Michelle's wedding weekend

2008 Halloween

Have no idea, but I have a fun lil glass in my hand!

I think we are on our way to the cabin in Salem.

Me and Shel 2009!!!  A note to my brother who always flips us off and just laughs about it, do not be offended.

me showing off ... have no idea what year ... 2 years ago maybe

ah we love florida ...

WOW, in the 80's ... Joe graduates from high school ....
So today, I am having a hard time finding my beat.  My heart hurts.  I miss my Mom.  I miss her advice.  My eyes hurt from crying .... and my heart hurts .... I feel Florida in my future .....

Everyone had a wonderful day.  Find your happy beat for me today .......... love to you all!

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  1. Some beats have to be down, Cousin. And it's OK when it's like that. It will turn around when your heart is ready.

    For n ow, I'm sending you a hug while you grieve.