Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why wait you ask?

Why wait?  I know for a month or so now I have been telling you about my outdoor project.  And we are so close to finishing I can hardly contain my excitement.  Sooooooo close.  And I could be doing things in it, BUT Vandy has laid the finishing touches in it and I can't do ANYTHING until he finishes his part!   I am holding in my frustration, honestly I am, but yesterday, when he told me he had a WHOLE day left to finish up, I freaked inside my head. 


He wants to go to the airshow this weekend.  Where is a whole day in his schedule?  I am kid free today and tomorrow.  FREE I tell you.  I could finish my project.  A WHOLE DAY in Vandy world is like 10 days.  I barely wanted to go on vacation last week because I was so excited about completing my _______________!!!!!!!! 

heavy sigh

I guess I will sew today. 

AND .....

 get the seam ripper out.

1 comment:

  1. Just tell Vandy NO! He needs to stay home so you can share pictures.



    See how easy that is?