Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So right after Louisiana ...

We took all of our kids to the Keys for the week of 4th of July.  It was our belated Christmas/birthday presents for 2009/2010!  Rachel had been in Mali for 2 years and we really wanted a family vacation.  It was totally awesome to have all the kids together.  We ate, we snorkeled, we kayaked, we fished and we ate some more!!!
(Ben, Christy, Rachel, Justin and Annie in the front row, me, Vandy and Addie in the back row)
We had a beautiful evening watching the firework show over the waters!
We went swimming and kayaking for a sunset trip.  Rachel, Christy, Ben, Addie, Vandy and me relaxing in the water before the sun went down.  Justin and Annie were relaxing on the mini island.
We went deep sea fishing and I didn't catch a single fish.  Addie caught the biggest fish, a barracuda, scary scary fish!  She was sore for a couple days after reeling that big guy in!
And what would the Florida Keys be without a prefect sunset the last night of vacation. 


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  1. Gorgeous. I can't believe how much Addie looks like you! That is so cool. Great way to get immortality. This sounds wonderful!