Friday, March 11, 2011

And the results are in .....

I finally went to my doctor yesterday and got xrays to make sure there was no "floating" bone chips in my shoulder.  The MRI will be scheduled Monday or Tuesday BECAUSE .................................... I can not do the thumbs up and thumbs down with my arm straight out. 
The result:
That means SURGERY. 
That means I am NOT a baby!!!!  It does hurt and I can no longer just shake it off.  Ahhh the price of growing old and playing young. 
And the mountain won.  Hmmph!
BUT I am not giving up snow skiing, not yet. 

On a lighter note, I ordered my "postage" machine yesterday.  I also will be paypal verified by Tuesday.  And I have pictures of goodies to upload.  AND AND I want to run another contest.  They are soooo much fun!!!!  I just love giving things away!!!  So stay tuned for details!!!

Vintage like metal tags!

I am going to have these for sale next week!  They are fun metal tags, pretty heavy duty.  I am going to play around with them tomorrow so you can say I have to have those to do that!!!  Sound like a plan???  So, until tomorrow ladies .... have a great evening!

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