Sunday, May 20, 2012

Antibes Green!!!

Better late than not at all!  I finally have the front of the house just about the way I want it.  I do love it!  I just need the perfect chairs now!! 

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed the outcome of my front door.  Patty and Karen at are just wonderful and assured me to just DIVE in, all will be great!  And they were so right, even though it took me six months or so to be brave enough to do it.  I so wanted to hook up with them (Karen and Patty) at the extravaganza in Springfield Ohio this weekend, but tummy bug won out.  Next year for sure!!!  Anyway, everyone just loves the impact of the door!  So what do you think??

The house before the maple died out 1995.

Antibes Green door with the new house numbers and porch lights!

139 Cimmaron, 2012!

I love the new look.  The front panels under the windows and around the door is a very pale gray also.  I just could not be happier with the outcome!!! 


  1. Great door. I love it with the brick.


    PS. Good song playing, too!

  2. Yes it really stands out now. Much more personality! Wish I would have found that paint before I painted the outdoor furniture.
    Love Di ♥