Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Prize

WOW, the responses have been phenomenal!!  YOUR ideas are amazing for the door quote!  Debbie, I did think about chalkboard paint, and Hudson Paints has a wide range of different colors so it wouldn't necessarily have to be black, which I didn't want, but I don't like how chalk feels in my hands.  LOL  Weird, I know because I am a die hard crafter, but it is the ONLY thing I can't really stand to touch often.  Which you will really find funny by the end of this post. 

I would love each of you to come and visit, for a cup of java or a glass of wine or even a sleepover. teeheee My Aunt Joanne and Uncle Chuck came over from Columbus today and we ended up just sitting back there visiting for the afternoon.  It was SO nice!  She asked me how I came up with the idea and it was simple, I told her.  I had done a basement remodel last winter and SO wanted a wall of doors (Have I mentioned I have an obsession with old doors), but instead I did two walls of fabric. (Which was a lot of fabric)  So, anyway, I had seen a greenhouse of windows and I started thinking, hmmmmm you can do that with doors I bet and in no time I had my team (Builder Jim and Vandy) convinced it would be cool and cheaper than a real shed.  Cheaper is not relevant in this conversation.  And that is how the cottage came to life.  It really isn't a potting shed, although it could be if I really wanted it to be, because my cousin Larry made me this super cool potting bench, which will lead me to tomorrow's blog!!!

So I know you are dieing to know what the giveaway is, aren't you?????  I am seriously dieing to show you!!

Don't you love it???  You can write whatever you want on it in chalk or dry erase markers.  (back to that touch thing)  I can not say how well the dry erase markers work long term.  I have only had it on for a day and washed it off. 
BUT I LOVE THESE BANNERS!!!!!!   They are perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, any celebrations or just a fun decor for the backyard or a kids room.  I have made a few for Addie's college friends for their dorm rooms!  I have to say, this is not my original idea.   I had seen them a couple years ago at a craft show and searched high and low again to buy them, but couldn't find them, so I did what crafter's do.  Trial and error, and now I make them for family and friends. I had not seen them using dry erase markers and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE using all the cool colors that are out there now!!

So, keep submitting your quotes and please feel free to become a follower on my blog, and you could be the lucky owner of this banner!  It will be on it's way to you Monday if you are selected for my door!!!  I am super duper excited for the winner already!  

P.S.  As soon as I get my email to work in blogland I will be sending you emails, I am just not figuring it out when I go to your blogs, it won't let me!  BIG FROWN!  

P.S.S.  I truly have enjoyed reading your blogs and your comments.  They make me smile. 


  1. Gorgeous banners! How fun! And I have never seen the ones that you could write on! (And really? You can wash the writing off and re-write on them? ...sooooo cooool!)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I am following you now :o) I'm #18. Oh, I'd love it, if you get the chance to pop over to my place...and if you do, please let me know that you were there.

  2. You are so clever. I've seen the banners but never the ones you can personalize. Clever, clever girl!

  3. I can't stand chalk. At all. Just holding it in my hand makes me shudder. *shuddering* Those banners ARE really cool!

  4. These are adorable! I've never seen banners like this that you could write on. Such fun!

  5. Hmmm.... did you mean to put this on Alphabe-Thursday?

  6. Hi there! I popped over to visit from Linda @ A La Carte! I absolutely LOVE your cottage made of doors! What a wonderful idea! Wish I had one to use for my writing get-away! (I just became a follower, too!)
    Here is what I would write on the is taken from a longer quote by Joseph Campbell:
    "Follow your bliss and doors will open for you."

  7. what a cool prize....I want your cottage so bad...