Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sharing my little piece of fun (Part 1)

It has been a long time in the planning stages, and then the execution took a bit longer than I had planned.  It is quite a funny story actually. 

I had seen a greenhouse made out of windows.  And I wanted a place to put all my tools and potting things, but not necessarily a greenhouse.  Yes, we have a shed, a 10 x 16 shed, but Vandy (my husband) had it filled up.  I am serious when I say full.  One day I will sneak out there and take a picture of it for you, you'll freak!   It gives a whole new meaning to the words full and filled up!!! 

So anyway, I have this obsession with old doors.  I LOVE them.   So I get this vision going in my head.   Hmmm, I talked to my neighbor.  My neighbor is Jim the builder.  Jim the builder is 70 years old and has had open heart surgery twice.  Jim the builder said no problem.  And I talk to my cousin Larry and he thinks I have flipped my lid AGAIN!!  So, I set out looking for the perfect doors for my idea.  Vandy works so hard I didn't want him to have another project on his plate.  And Jim, yes that Jim, said it would be fairly easy, we don't need to bother Vandy with the details.  AND, Jim the builder is always looking for something to do to keep him active.  Well, four and half months later and Vandy working a bit on it every weekend, my vision is complete.  Jim the builder quit after the vision was framed and doors were in place.  It got hot outside this summer and Vandy wanted to take over. And we were both a little frightened the heart attack number three might occur in our backyard.  Jim the builder assured me he was and is fine!!!   So, after all of the passing of the hammers and power tools between the men, and the two little spats about the roof pitch and skylights, I got to make it pretty.  

Here is a taste of "A Gardener's Cottage" 

View from our back porch.
The cottage.
Just in case you don't know where you are in our backyard.
The front porch.  This was Vandy's idea .. to use up my barn siding. 

My cottage of old doors and windows and barn siding and molding.  You want to peek in the windows don't you???  It is okay to admit it.  Heck, I WANT to peek in the windows.  Well, you guessed it.  Part two is the inside tour of the cottage and more storytelling tomorrow!

You can wait, I assure you!!!!!

If you want to go to Part Two, you can just click here now.


  1. Get here right now Missy! I mean it! COME. BACK. RIGHT. NOW. and post the inside pictures. Really, really cool! I want one of these.

  2. This is awesome times two. How about some shots of the other sides?

  3. This is so unique, and just awesome!

  4. LOVE IT!!!!! Can I come over? That bottle of wine idea sounds great...

  5. Absolutely fabulous fantastic wonderful and i want one! How sweet!

  6. Love, Love, Love this!!!! Hm....do you have the "building plans" to pass along :o) OR maybe you live near by and I could enlist the help of Jim and Vandy :o) ...we live in Georgia :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  7. Wow, your gardening cottage of doors is just ... AWESOME! Love it! Here are some quotes I like for you:

    "Tickle the earth with a hoe - It will laugh with a harvest"....Mary Cantell

    "The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful" -- e.e.cummings

  8. Love your cottage.... so many wonderful ideas. I may have to borrow a couple for my new end of a workshop that I am enclosing....


  9. Absolutely gorgeous. I want one of those for my backyard. Great job.

  10. Oh I could just see my self sitting here in the summer sipping lemonade. I just love the white chippy doors.

    Please stop by my blog I am having a big giveaway.

    :) Michelle

  11. I love it! it's got my wheels turning for a wood shed in my yard,thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Oh my... this is so incredibly adorable! I could only wish I had this very building in my own backyard. :)


  13. Charming! I have a little building in my backyard that is crying out to be made into something special.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love it - just the right about of rustic appeal and yet so classic and fresh. Awesome! We just built a new mini cottage that is similar in size for our sauna/sitting porch. It is buried under several feet of snow currently but hopefully we'll be able to show the reveal this spring. I think you'll get a kick out of the similarities then!

  15. WooHOoooooooOOooo! Just what I have been looking for...it's proof that it CAN be done!! I already have the *bones* of a shed in my yard. Former owners built it for their RV. I keep telling my husband this is what I want to do...he keeps saying it won't work. Nananana, it will work, Bill!!!! You have made my day! I already have a few doors...I am excited over this!! Your shed is wonderful!!!

  16. love your gardener's cottage..visiting from the linky party over at funky junk's place.....

  17. Allie - you done good, girlie! lol! What a beautifully unique, quaint little cottage!!! I just adore the idea that it was all repurposed, too! You sure have got ME thinking...... :)

    xoxo laurie

  18. I wish I could move this sweet cottage to my backyard!

  19. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you little cottage made of doors!!!! You should see my envy... :) I myself live in an adorable cottage, and I have some old doors that I was going to give away, not anymore!