Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Part 2 - Cottage Details

I am is excited to show you the inside of the cottage!!!  Honestly, I wish I could have each and every one of you over for lunch in my Gardener's Cottage.  I have no idea when the gardening shed turned into the cottage, but I am overjoyed about it and want to share it ALL with you! 

Can you contain your excitement?

WAIT, JUST ONE QUESTION .... Do you think you will share this blog with your friends?  I'd like that, because it is super cool!!!  And everyone should rush out and get a husband and a Jim the builder to make you one just like it!!!   Ready?  I know, I am rambling ..... okay, enough waiting .....

Welcome!!  I LOVE this kitchen table.  I grew up eating on this table.  My parents met in Turkey while they were both in the Air Force and this was one of their first purchases.  The chairs are from Vandy's parents house.  They grew up sitting at these chairs, talking world news, local happenings and sharing family meals, just like us.  So I just think this is a perfect spot to work on my computer, read emails, do a few small craft projects or have a couple friends over for lunch or a nice bottle of wine!!
The floor color is awesome too and only took SIX coats of paint to make it perty!!!

This is a twin iron bed that Vandy bought on one of his tours.  It is really CUTE and I just ADORE the peace sign pillow I found at Kohl's for 1/2 price!!!

On one of my door explorations I found this guy on Craigslist that had 4 old doors for 40 bucks.  I was like I am on my way!!!!  Normally the doors around here run for 35 to 75 bucks a piece, so four for forty, whats a two hour drive to Mansfield???  LOL  So, I get there and he says this door just fell over and the old fashioned glass broke right out of it, I'll understand if you don't want it.  I am thinking, DUDE, I just drove 2 hours ONE way, and am saving about 100 bucks, I am taking the broken lead paint peeling door!!!  
When Jim the builder, also my next door neighbor, came over to help me unload them I thought he turned into cousin Larry and was thinking, SHE HAS LOST HER MIND, this isn't even worth burning!!!  Anyway, I thought a mirror would be perfect in a cottage, even if I get startled sometimes when I see myself looking back at me!

And this last shot (oh calm down, I will post more interior shots tomorrow), is from me sitting on the bed looking towards the back of our house.  I love the paper lanterns and pale beads in the evening, just enough light to be romantic and cozy.  We have already had a sleepover (camp out in Vandy's words) in it.   A twin bed at 47 and 56 ..... young at heart is all I can say!!!

So tomorrow you get to see the details, the cool ladder, the bird cage and the loft!!  Yes, my cottage has a loft!!! 

You want to come over, don't you??? 

See you tomorrow!!!!!

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  1. I do want to come over! This is fabulous. Listen, put a link to the outside of the cottage on this post. I'll put it on my blog tomorrow. But link them so it's easy to get back to the first one.

    This is really incredible, Cuz! I am beyond impressed. I think this is magazine worthy!

  2. Wow! Just popped over from Jenny's. This is amazing. What a wonderful place to relax and unwind with a good book. I love old doors too, I think they are fascinating. What a creative way to re purpose them! Love it! Kat

  3. Hi I came over from Jennys...great job! fun stuff...we probably have enough doors in our stash for this...I have seen a green house made out of windows so why not this??

  4. Hi Allie!

    I'm stopping over from Jenny's blog to check out this adorable cottage. This is amazing. The design is so clever and fun. I LOVE IT! La

  5. The inside is gorgeous. The peace pillow was the first thing that caught my eye. All that soothing blue. The family history you've put into the cottage by way of furniture is a beautiful touch.

    Jenny, the promoter, sent me over and told me quite soundly to be nice. This is me playing nicely in the sandbox.

    Gotta go find the exterior shots and posts now.

  6. What a wonderful interior decorating you have in this one of the kind cottage! Gorgeous!!!

    I also come over from Jenny's blog..

  7. i.love.your.cottage!!! i.love.your.cousin, Jenny!! i.will.be.back.tomorrow!!

  8. I want to come for a sleepover. I'll bring the wine!

  9. Hi. Jenny sent me. LOVE your cottage. It reminds me of the one my sister and I stayed in on Sweden's largest lake. Farmor and Farfar stayed with their friends in "the real house" and we had our privacy. At 17 and 14, that was very welcome. Now, where are the outside pics???

  10. Jenny sent me too. And this is VERY cool.


  11. Oh Allie, this is beautiful. I love all of the wonderful detail that you put into this. It is really amazing. Jenny sent me here and I am so glad I came. I will be back!
    Love Di ♥

  12. Simply fabulous, Jenny told us you had been busy but this is just fantastic, well done and thanks for sharing with us.

  13. OMG too cute!! Looks so very awesome and cozy, and looks like the perfect mini getaway!

  14. Hey Jenny sent me over from her blog and I just have to say this is awesome! So would that be Mansfield be in Indiana somewhere around Brown County? I am from Indiana and sometimes when I get to visit in the fall we go to the covered bridge festival. Mansfield flea market is one of the best. I have a few special things I have brought home to Michigan where I live now. Hubs owes me a new potting shed but I have been collecting old windows for mine. Did that for the first one and he built the shed around them. He has it all drawn out at this time but it is going to have till next year. Last year was the hen house I requested I think I can be patient and wait one more year. Loved coming by for a visit!

  15. Hey! Jenny sent me. I have to say, that door cottage is totally AWESOME!!!! Can you come and build me one? Pretty please?!!!!

  16. Quick hi from one of Jenny's 'people' ..didn't even take time to comment on hers first :)
    Glad she sent me....

  17. OOOH!!! Lovely, Lovely, Lovely~( I tend to repeat myself when I really, really, really am excited, in awe or such!)

    I would love to come over...but better yet, I would love one of my own too! (OH...I read Brenda's comment...and if you are in Indiana, aw! we were just in Indy over the Labor day weekend with our oldest and her hubby :o)

    And...my dad is retired Air Force. Brother in the Navy and my hubby is retired Army :o)

    Yay! For learning about ya from Jenny!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  18. This is so clever. A cottage of your very own!

  19. Whoa..your cottage is Amazing!!I'm new here to your blog, just popped on over from Funky Junk Interiors. What a grand idea to use doors for the walls.