Sunday, October 10, 2010

It wasn't empty nest syndrome, I promise!!!

Total ... umm total ...... total ........... heck, what am I trying to say?

Let's see.  Did I tell you I got a new baby?  Maya, the sugar glider, the gremlin sugar glider?  The scare the crap out of me screaming attacking fastest ever sugar glider in the world?  And she is smaller than the palm of my hand?  She is nine weeks old and has the scare factor of a southern baptist mother of nine children!!!  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MeSS WITH HER!!!!  EVER!!!!!

Now, they say bonding can take up to a four months.  I now understand why.  Because she is SCARY!!!  And how something so small and precious looking squeal like, well like .....

It is called crabbing.  Turn it up loud because LOUD is exactly her sound.  Louder!!!!

Now my precious Pete barks and purrs like this .....

I love Pete.  LOVE him.  Maya, Maya scares the p-jeebies out of me.  Yes, yes I know I am bigger and how bad can it be?  BAD!!!  LOL, it wil be two weeks on Monday that I have had her.  I am seriously considering raiding Vandy's blood pressure medicine.  Or perhaps asking my neighbor for a few of those under the tongue pills for heart attacks.

Go ahead, laugh all you want.  UGHHH!

And did I mention they are nocturnal?  Now who in their right mind ever had a baby and said I LOVE being up all night with them?  WHO I ask you????  I want their name and number.   I never liked it!  NEVER!!!  So why would I even think I would like a nocturnal animal??? 

I denied to my friend and my  husband I was not suffering from empty nest syndrome!!!  Addie is still at home, how could I be suffering from that????  Well, Vandy and I went grocery shopping after his twilight testing on Thursday (another story) and I saw a mommy talking to her 1 1/2 year old in the stroller and the baby just giggling and laughing out loud.  I watch for an unusually long time, especially since I really don't like babies.  Almost long enough to become stalked like.  It even bothered me when I thought, how long have I been standing here watching this lady and her kid.  Vandy returned from returning the cart and we both got in the car.  I turned and looked at him and said, "I am suffering from empty nest syndrome, aren't I?"  He said "Yes, we knew it all along, just waiting for you to catch up with us!!!!" 

UGHHHHHH, I hate when he is right!!!!!!!!

So, I lied, it is empty nest syndrome.  Taking care of my Mom, then my Dad, the kids this summer (Addie in there when she lets me) and now marsupials! 

What was I thinking???????? 


  1. Oh Allie. You need a hug. And a marsupial sitter.