Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh those college days ... where is a hall pass when you need one?

Disappointment.  Frustrated.  Where did we go wrong?  Huge disappointment.  Why you ask? 

Addie, our lovely daughter, wants to drop out of college after one month. 

Sigh.  Heavy sigh. 

She has her cosmetology license, so she has a start in a career she was/is interested in, I think. 

She is taking a political life class with an Indian professor with 400 other students and she just can not understand a word he says.  She has been to her tutor as well, still isn't liking or getting the class.  The other three classes are "okay".  We already knew she doesn't learn traditionally, but and that is obviously a big BUT, we thought perhaps college life would be a new experience and she would enjoy classes she was interested in.


And so we sent her to the Bursar's office.  No refund, too late.  However, she can drop with a withdrawal, not an incomplete or failure. 

So I ask you? 

Do we encourage her finish this quarter?
Do we say drop the Political Life class? 
Do we make her be accountable for the money the classes cost?  Pay us back the classes she drops? 
What kind of message are we sending?

The good news is, she is covered medically until she is 21.  She already has a part time job.

Oh , did I tell you she wrecked her car AGAIN.  This time, undriveable.

Ughhh.  Parenting sucks today. 

Can I get a hall pass please? 


  1. Allie, you raised her to have a brain. Now you have to let her use it...and decide how much you want to help. You know my whole theory on this so I won't bore you with it again.

    I'm sorry it's so complicated, though.

  2. I don't envy you this time period. She has to make her own choices and learn from the school of hard knocks. She'll be fine. You may need to buy a few bottles of wine. :)

  3. Wow, complicated for sure. I went to college as an adult and can appreciate it more. I know several young people attending and they just aren't into it.

    I don't envy you the decisions you have to make; I wish you much luck and wisdom there. And I'm glad she's okay! A friend of mine just had a wreck, too. Sighing with you.....