Monday, September 27, 2010

exhausted ....

I really had all intentions of writing some amazing stories of our weekend.  Country Living, The Crowne Plaza and Goodwill hunting.  And I will.

But not today.

I am tired.

Very very very tired.

Partying like a RoCk StAr is exhausting.  And being reminded that I am no longer 25 was pretty exhausting too. 

I also have an errand to run today.  I am off to go get Pete's girlfriend.  I know.  Arranged marriages are out, but think about it.  Really think about it.  I could pick some amazing boyfriends for Addie, however, I will restrain.  Pete meets Maya today!!! 

And that is all the energy I have today.

Really exhausted.


  1. I'm glad it was THAT fun! Hooray for good times being had by all. Can't wait to see a picture of Maya.

  2. can't wait to hear all the details...