Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Off to Party Like RoCk StAr

Hi all!  One of my dear friends is getting married next month and her bachelorette party is this weekend at the Crowne Plaza in Columbus Ohio.  It is a themed party, 50's.  I love themed parties, truly I do.  BUT when they send me a picture of Audrey Hephurn in those skinny capri's, HECK NO!  Katharine is more my style.  I think I will make sure the hair and makeup are perfect and the outfit will fall into place!!!  Right ???  Right???  RIGHT???  RIGHT?????  RIGHT!!!!!!

No matter what, I am going to have a blast with these girls!

What I am even more excited about is Friday and Saturday day.  Me, the future bride and her Mom are going up early so we can spend two "days" at the Country Living Fair in Columbus!!!  I can hardly wait!!!  Of course I will take lots of pictures to share with everyone!!!

So this is my inspiration picture ....

My Mom is on the far right.  This is 60's but who's counting?
She was a rock star before Rock Star's were cool!


  1. What a great idea for a party! And the Country Living fair? I'm jealous!

    Allie, the banner arrived and it's lovely. Did you make it? Do you sew?

  2. Your Mom is gorgeous. And so are you! I wish I was going with you!