Friday, September 17, 2010

My friend Gabri

I adore this child.  She is my BFF's youngest daughter Gabriella.  Gabriella also has a few alias, such as G, Gabri, Gabby, Gab and of course all those other terms of endearment.  She is youngest of six and has had a few trials in her young life.  At the age of two she was hospitalized for two weeks.  They thought it was pneumonia, and at some time it probably was, but the poor thing just kept getting sicker and sicker.  They were draining fluid off her lungs every other day and the fever was just horrific.  Eventually the doctors said we have done all we can do, prayer is what they recommended.  So we all prayed, we had been praying, we just continued what came naturally to all of us.  God answers our prayers.  He answered.  G's fever broke.  It took a few more days to get her strength up, but she was home a few days after Christmas. 

So, now at the age of 9 (my personal favorite age for kids).  She wants to be a veterinarian.  She LOVES to fix and find broken creatures.  She is the animal whisperer.  She wants a horse.  Heck, I want a horse.  I just don't want more "chores", and Gabri has a Mom to do most of her chores, well and two older sisters.  So anyway, Gabri is my hero of the week.

P.S.  We have something else in common.  Gabri is the reason I have Pete, because she has Lucy.  And we all have play dates.   (Remember, Pete is my sugar glider.  Lucy is Gabri's sugar glider.  Lucy is not as nice as Pete.  Pete is super cool and friendly.  G said if anything happens to Lucy, she gets Pete because she is the reason I have Pete.)  Oh the funny things children say!!! 


  1. Cute post Allie. I'm glad she is in your life. I suspect you enrich each other! You're a wonder.

  2. She is a cutey Allie! I can see why you favor her. she has been through a lot. But look at her now! Love Di ♥

  3. A lovely tribute to Gabri and a beautiful photo too!!!!!

  4. What a beautiful little girl and post. I find that children who have a difficult time early on are very compassionate people.

    What a fun idea-play dates for sugar gliders! Do they really play together? That would be fun to watch!

    A very lovely tribute.....