Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What to do today

It is 0453.  I am not super happy about this time of the morning.

Vandy is asleep upstairs.  I am perfectly okay with him being asleep in our bedroom.

The girls decided to sleep in the cottage.  I have mixed emotions about this arrangement.  Am I jealous?  Am I worried everything won't be exactly as I have arranged it?  Is my brain thinking I am going to have to do MORE laundry now?  I am not totally sure where the anxiety is coming from.  I did love that they were SUPER excited about sleeping out there.  Addie, our baby, last one out of the nest child, and her bff Erica, just love the cottage.  And, this is Addie's third night sleeping out there.  (no worries, Vandy was on the couch until 0359 listening for intruders)   Addie says, "Mom, it is so peaceful.  There is no one to bother my thoughts."  Hmm, does she mean me?  Because she has her cell phone glued to her right hand.   And for sure cell phones bother my thoughts. 

So, with everyone where they should be, me and my Pete are typing at the laptop.  Pete you ask?  Oh, Pete is my "new" baby.  He is a marsupial.  Pete is a nocturnal marsupial.  He is in my hoodie right now.  Oh, you want to see a picture of him?  I warn you, it is NOT the best picture I have taken.  He is super fast.  Pete is super fun too, if only I were nocturnal.

Pete, the sugar glider.


  1. Oh, I used to know someone who had a couple of these. They're adorable and Pete is just dreamy!!!

    I'm glad you had him for company...what a perfect nighttime companion!

  2. Throw them out of your cottage. It is reserved for me, me, me!!!!!

  3. I would want to vacation in the cottage! And oh my gosh, I love Pete!!

  4. I'd sleep in the cottage in a heartbeat!
    Pete is the cutest little thing.
    Love Di ♥