Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, Katie and I made it to Yellow Springs and toured 4 houses. The first house was the "jailhouse", which means it was the jailhouse in 1878. It is really cute and if I were single I would totally buy it!!!!! Well, with the exception of the umm, umm yard next door. And frankly, the fence would not be tall enough, which is sad.

We toured a house on Corry and this is it .. it's really cool inside, all the wood work, but the basement freaked me out a little bit, especially after just finishing a basement remodel! The space behind up is a hole covered with ivy. It's different. So, no house this week. Eventually would love to live there, but I would love to live at Berlin Lake too, so we'll see. It was a great day and of course we ate at The Winds .... my favorite place to eat in Yellow Springs of course!!!!

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  1. aaaaah. So cute. loving your blog girl. And what a fun pic! I didnt get to see it that day.