Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Morning

Hiya!! Well, today is packing day. Vandy and I are going to Boyne Michigan on a ski trip. Well, I ski, Vandy snowboards! Addie was suppose to come, but has decided to stay home with dad. What a lovely kind daughter I have!!!

Katie and I are going house shopping in Yellow Springs. I'll post a few pictures later perhaps! I just love the town. The "sun"flowers above were taken on Route 68 a couple years ago, just makes you smile doesn't it? Yellow Springs is quaint and makes me feel good when I am there. I love people watching too!!!


  1. Have a great time. Are you thinking about moving?

  2. I hope you find something lovely in Yellow Springs. I love it here :) been here for 6 years, originally from England. If you need any art related info let me know. I run the arts council blog (, and the chamberpot gallery (an art gallery in the local public restroom at the train station) amongst other things lOL.
    regards Corrine aka Jafabrit

    ps. liked your music

  3. I haven't been inside the jailhouse but I know that they added a studio space upstairs. I would have liked it as a studio but not sure about it as a house per se (too small I think). It is good that you are nearby and you can keep your eyes open for that RIGHT house.