Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Old pictures sometimes are the best

This is one of my favorite memories of a ski trip we took to New York about four years ago with Chris and Larry. We took my niece Katie and my nephew Cody with us; it was the first time either of them had been skiing. Cody went right for the speed ski's, while Vandy, Katie and Addie were snowboarders. I of course, ever faithful, stayed with plain ole ski's with Chris and Larry. We all had fried egg sammiches for lunch, which is a Grace tradition. (the sammiches stayed in the car while we skied all morning) The really cool thing about traditions is, although Addie doesn't particularly love egg sammiches, last month she and a group of her friends went skiing and I packed egg sammiches for them which were all consumed! It was really neat that Addie remembered the tradition from our trip to New York. So anyway, until Chris sends me the pictures from last weekends trip, I am sharing a couple ole pictures from Peek and Peak.

And this is Cody, all speed and no way to slow down but find a snowbank! Ah the good ole days again, when there was so little to worry about but a quick run to the hospital to set a broken bone! lol


  1. Brrrr.... but the sammiches sound tasty.

  2. hey, its showing the verify letters again - woo hoo