Monday, January 18, 2010

I know it ...

Good Lord!  I am just running on fumes and for no apparent reason.  Okay, a few reasons, but nothing you can take care of in a few days. 

Things my Mom didn't tell me, but maybe I observed without knowing it, truly knowing it.  
These are my top five for today, feel free to add and amen me sister!

1.  Scattered Brainedness - where does it come from ... I mean I use to be have it all together and complete a million tasks in a million seconds, now it takes me a million hours to complete things or better yet, noncompletion.  Ughhh

2.  Hairs ... enough said.

3.  Fear - where does that come from?  I use to be fearless.  I could ride any roller coaster in the world.  I could drive FAST, I mean really fast!  I worry when Vandy isn't home from work at 6.  I worry when they go snowboarding without me, even if it is only Mad River Mountain.  NOW, now I panic when Addie isn't in by whatever time her curfew is.  WAIT, I remember my Mom chewing me a new hide when I was only a few minutes past my curfew.  Hmmm a connection perhaps. 

4.  Bathing - my skin can't take it, what is up with that?  AND AND I use to put lotion on and my skin would glow, simply radiant, but now, it's like I have be cursed with aligator hide, rough and non absobent and UGHHH.

5.  Pack Ratting - I mean really.  Throw it away for Pete's sake.  Who is Pete by the way?  And don't you wonder what his sake is?  (oops, refer to #1)  So, why do we hang on to JUNK?  Not the kind of junk you can do things with, I mean real junk, well like, like, umm, hmmmm, well I can't think of anything I don't NEED or might be able to use right this minute, but I have it and it is takign up 1000 square feet in my basement and nooks and crannies in every available spot in the other 2000 square feet. 


  1. Hi Cuz! Have you gotten your hormones tested? Some of this sounds really like peri-meno...sorry to say. 1, 2 and 4 do for sure! I think you need some down time sweetie. I'm going to call you tomorrow so we can talk about this. Today is MLK so there is no school and I have to work for Steve and today is a no the meantime sending you some prayers and hugs! Take care of you. It's OK!