Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Angel Food Cupcakes

All I can say is OMG!  Which stands for OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Which is exactly what I made yesterday afternoon.  And I have been thinking, hey, no rushing here.  So back to my thinking, I was thinking I know how Angel Food Cake got it's name, but I never thought about it until yesterday.  So I went "googling" and this is what I found:

The classic story behind the name "angel food cake" is that this dessert is so white, light, and fluffy it must be fit for angels. Who thought up this name? No one knows. We do know [from the study of old cookbooks] that cake recipes with the name "angel food" began showing up in American cookbooks sometime in the late nineteenth century [about the same time as mass-produced bakeware hit the popular market]. It may not be a coincidence that a proper angel food cake requires a special tube pan or cake mold. Some food historians speculate the Pennsylvania Dutch were probably the original makers and namers of angel food, though this connection has not been fully documented. In support of the theory, one of many culinary traditions introduced to America by the Pennsylvania Dutch was the cake mold, a special metal pan for creating festive cakes in unusual shapes. A recipe for "Amanda's Angel Food Cake" is included in the Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book of Time Old Recipes, Culinary Arts Press [1936] (p. 39) but not listed in Pennsylvania Dutch Cookery, J. George Frederick [1935].

However, I think it is more like clouds, sugary clouds, better than cotton candy, fluffy deliciousness in your mouth clouds.  And because my "tube"/"bundt" cake pan is not a regular size, smaller than the average size to be exact, it OVERFLOWS all over my oven small size to be really exact, which I learned a couple weeks ago; I tried angel food cupcakes.  And this is what I can say about them ... 2 BITES!  I can eat one in 2 bites and it's fun.  And delicious.  The word delicious doesn't even really tell you just how good they are or how many you can eat at once, without the homemade strawberry topping.  Yes, yes, I made strawberry topping too!  I had already decided when I went to making my cake yesterday I would try out some cupcakes for my friend and her family (the 3 girls and husband) with the too much batter, but I couldn't call her to come get them because I ate theirs when no one was looking!  I KNOW I KNOW, shame on me, but mark my words, if you do what I did, you can't eat just one!   I ate, umm, (looking around to see if anyone is looking),

I ate ...

I ate ....

I ate .... believe me, that was only one wrapper, but I had more, empty ones that is!

.... well it was sort of the lollipop method, you know the one, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a .. oh wait, that's a Tootsie Roll Pop.  Anyway, I got a tummy ache and I can't share that information now. 

I suggest you all try it yourselves and get back to me!

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  1. Yum. Allie, I think there is an angelfood cupcake recipe in the Chickberry cookbook, too. Why do cupcakes always feel like they have less calories.

    Good for you!