Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another day in Michigan

The pier in Petoskey Michigan.  We watch a softball game that overlooked the lake, walked a bit in the quaint town, bought sandwiches to go at an amazing little coffee shop and ate on the picnic bench at the pier.  I had a BLT on a croissant with avocados and some delicious house spread.

The waterfall was across the street from the pier and softball game.  I am a sucker for waterfalls.

Vandy flying his kite at Lake Michigan, the UP side!

I am also a sucker for sand and water and waves.  I wasn't going to mention Vandy's kite took a dive in the lake, I went after it to help out.  The sand shelf gave way and then I took a dive into the lake landing on my LEFT arm as my right arm saved the kite.  It hurt, but I am all good!!

My father loved pasties.  My grandmother used to make them for my grandfather and I think the recipe was passed down from my Great Grandmother Hrovatic (Cousin Jenny's Grandma).  I could never get the hang of making them, but my brother Joe made them for my Dad occasionally.  They are a dough based hot pocket stuffed with beef and potatoes and real LARD.  I have heard of some people putting rutabaga or carrots.

Me holding up Mackinac Bridge.  Vandy had me drive across as he HUNG out the window taking pictures.  Yes, I was scared to death.

We stayed at Boyne Mountain at one of vacation package condos. We did a few day trips that were perfect outings.  This is the mountain that took my shoulder at Boyne.  It looks a whole lot bigger with snow on it.  lol

Vandy and I at Sunset Park in Petoskey.  The picture was taken right above the waterfall.  It was an amazing vacation.  Don't we look like the happiest couple ever?


  1. You look like you are having a wonderful time. We have vacationed in Frankenmuth, Michigan many times, but we've never been up into the upper peninsula.

    Why would anyone ruin a perfectly delightful lard laden pastie with carrots and rutabaga? :o)

    Be sure to stop by my blog this week to enter my giveaway.

    Have a great day! La

  2. Hi Cuz! Oh man. Sorry about the fall. If you come this way again, I'll make pasties for you. OR I'll make them when I come there. Mine are pretty darned good!