Monday, July 25, 2011

Milwaukee Vaca

Oh darlings, it has been a busy summer at 139!  I am thinking between kid watching 7 to 10 hours a day, physical therapy, gardening, guests coming and going, us going and coming home it may not be until the spring of 2012 before I accomplish a single project.  And I am sooo NOT kidding. 

I truly have some amazing ideas for some of the coolest projects, and I have created a "forget me not" book.  I am keeping that portion of my crafting world in check because the ole brain doesn't quite have the memory powers it once did.

Here is the short list:
1.  Refurbish/paint 7 pieces of furniture.
2.  Talk Vandy into letting me paint the church pew HE acquired.
3.  Make the family room the dining/great room connected the kitchen and make the dining room into a library for Vandy.  Undertaking this project also frees up about 500 square feet of basement boxes of books!  AND the best part about all this remodel stuff is ...   I will get NEW flooring!!!  The kitchen, family room, foyer, hall and bathroom all have vinyl flooring and each space had a different vinyl.  YUCKY!!!
4.  Have a garage sale.  And have a scrapbook room sale.  I have doubles of many things because I once taught classes for  I just need to downsize that room.
5.  Sew about 5 more and a couple pillows.
6.  Use the corks.
 And I think perhaps that will be it for a few months.  I think I may even make it through the winter with the list of projects for this fall. 

We have 3 more mini vacations planned and an entire week at Lake Lure this fall to leaf watch and we may go hide out somewhere for Christmas break.  Baby Kaia will be visiting us the first weekend of August and we couldn't be happier.  We are for sure heading to Milwaukee again to see Jenn and Bob.  Below is just a taste of how much fun we had this past weekend touring a brewery and going to the Italian Festival. 

Chris Hrovatich, Larry Hrovatich, Me, Vandy, Bob Grace, Jenn Grace and Curtzy, our brewery guide.

Bob, Chris, Larry and Jenn at the Italian Festival in downtown Milwaukee.
Me and Vandy high above all the little people at the festival.

Site from the chair lift at the fair.

And so you see how quickly a weekend slips away from you.  I hope you all are enjoying your days of summer and the company of your besties and family members.  We are most certainly enjoying life!  Let's talk soon!!   


  1. Glad you had a good one!


  2. I love to see you hanging out with Cousin Larry! You just always have so much fun!