Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday morning adventure

Another great morning ... Dad is getting his breathing treatment and I am making him his Nestle Hot Cocoa and f course chatting with ya'll. Vandy and I are heading to Yellow Springs this morning for some fresh pastries and coffee, okay, I know I don't drink coffee, but fresh pastries and diet coke just doesn't sound very good. And then we are off to the Wine Cellar to pick up a bottle of red, a bottle of white. My friend Tonya bought me a six month membership at Christmas and I am jazzed about trying new wines. This picture is of the Winds Cafe a couple years ago where I was showcased as the local monthly artist. Do you see Vandy hamming it up in the window?

After our Yellow Springs adventure, we are off to Lowes. What person doesn't love a trip to Lowes? The dreaminess of walking down the possibilities of a gourmet kitchen in any color, size or shape ... picturing yourself chopping vegetables for a chef salad, making a spicy rub for a rack of lamb and ohhh the the delicious creation of pastries! OKAY, stop right there, I can't go to Lowe's, it will depress me, won't it? Well I can, I'll just go to the bathroom section and lazily travel down the fixture isle and convince myself kitchens aren't important, bathrooms are ... spa tub, dual sinks with pretty brushed copper faucets, separate shower, tile floors STOPPPPPPP okay I can't go .. have I mentioned I need both a new kitchen and two new bathrooms?

Alright, I'll pop back in a bit later to tell you all about my adventure.

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  1. I love Lowe's. I love tea. I love pastries. Sigh. I want to come, too!