Friday, February 27, 2009

Six Years Ago Doesn't Seem so Long

It just seems like the other day when Aunt Bootsy and Uncle Tom came to Ohio all the way from Texas to enjoy a Mardi Gras Party and surprise my Momma. And you can tell she was surprised!!! I have been thinking about my mom the past several weeks, a lot, and I miss her. But I had the best dream with her in it the other night and well, it helped I think. She was laughing that giant belly laugh and we were so happy just hanging out. It must be the news about Dad and the "heart" thing .. her way of wrapping me up and preparing me for another battle ... as least that is what I think. So today, I'll try and stay busy and talk to myself a lot about drying the tears that won't seem to stop. Happy tears, mixed with a screaming heart .... now that is quite the concoction.

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