Friday, February 5, 2010

I love me some Ohio snow ...

It's so snowing.   Can anyone complain about snow when you live in Ohio?  I think NOT!  Now, the only little complaint is ... drum roll please ... the flakes haven't matured yet.  You know what I am talking about.  The so called flakes are like little pellets incased in a little bit of airy fluff snow.  And it's wet.    But it's snowing and it they could mature into BIG GIAT PUFFY CAtCH ON THE TIP OF YOUR TONGUE AND GET A MOUTHFUL SNOWFLAKES.  Right?  A girl can dream. 

And this is what my backyard looks like when it is snowing .... poor poor pool.  I will post more snow pictures as it accumulates over the next 18 hours.  tee heee

Also, along with snow comes yummy homemade soup .. I am making a creamy wild mushroom soup as I type this.  With sherry.  No, not Sherry my friend, sherry .. alochol.  So, I'll show you later gators!    It's early movie time, Vandy and Addie are both in for the rest of the day and night!!

Hey, and if anyone finds my spell check, could you tell me where my blogspot put it, I hate proof reading and no spellcheck makes me nuts!!  Thanks!!!

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