Friday, May 7, 2010

Frankness Friday

What was I thinking?  No, really!  I was sitting here thinking I have the prefect thing to blog about and now I have plum forgotten.  Where did it go??  Ca ca!  I hate forgetting. 

OH WAIT -- there it is. 

Do you know anything about the Mason-Dixon Line?  I know two things I want to share with you.  It is called the Mason Dixon Line, until a year ago I thought it was the Mason Dixie Line ... well it is a southern thang!  Land of Dixie and all .... anyway ... the other thing is .... Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon did the surveying for the Mason Dixon Line.  AND, my husband, Vandy, the brainy one in the family, the one that corrected me on Dixon instead of Dixie, yes that husband, well he didn't know they matched.  Yes, Vandy is Charles Mason Vanderberg, Vandy is his "fly"/"call" name.  The best part about the name thing is, I knew it, or at least found out it and he had no idea!!!! 

Go me Go me!!!

I am off to sneak some more stuff out of my car for my project.  Eight down, six to go!

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