Monday, January 10, 2011

My attempt at promising ...

I think I have it.  My promise to myself and to you.  I am going to blog a project a week.  That means I will complete a project and post it for 52 weeks.  Oh, yes, I know I am a week behind, but I have that one, which will lead into this weeks also!! 

So, how do you feel about snakes?  LOL  I love them!!  At least these snakes!!!  Old sweaters, new fleece, funkiness!  Door stopper drafts turned into fun bed fellows! 

Snakes, snakes and more snakes!

Snakes styling in the living room.

Erica is Addie's BFF.  She wanted to model her snake.  The thing about these snakes, is I was suppose to TEACH Addie and Erica to make their own, BUT I was afraid they would break my sewing machine.  Soooo, three hours later with them giggling and eating and laughing at the kitchen table, I complete THEIR snakes!  It was soooo worth it though.  It was a wonderful day!

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