Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boyne Mountain Michigan

Ah how I love the snow!!!  I am barely tired of it, barely!  And I know it is because we have our annual ski trip to Michigan, President's Day Weekend!  This was our fifth year. 
I can remember:
year one - with Addie and a friend, me and Vandy
year two - ice storm, the year of the beer (We found Lester's Pub that served 300 different kinds of beer.  We never hit the slopes, not once that weekend, but Vandy dented the list at Lesters.)
year three - cousins Chris and Larry joined us, skied, skied and skied
year four - the same foresome with a bottle of Hitching Post and some GREAT snow
And now .... drum roll please ... year five with 11 people ....
Chris and Larry, Bob and Jen (Chris's brother and wife), Addie and her friend Courtney and my cousin on my Mom's side, Joshua Andrus and his two buddies Brandon and Edmund!  Oh, and me and Vandy of course!

We had entirely two much fun!!!
And yes, it is possible to have too much fun!!! 
And food, me oh me oh my!!!! 

Me, Larry, Chris
Brandon, Courtney, Joshua, Edmond, Vandy, Addie

And another great thing ..... we are booked for next year already!!!!!  I just hope I am out of this sling by then because Larry was slung up the entire weekend!!!  teeeheeee

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  1. Sounds like a great time. I don't get the sling thing, though. Did you get hurt?